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What is microdosing

Psychedelics is another word for tripping agents. 

A microdose is a dose that is just not noticeable. Every medecine has a minimum dose that you have to take to really feel or notice the medecine. If you take slightly less than that limit dose, it is a microdose. This is about a tenth of a normal dose. A microdosing would have sub-perceptual effects.

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Reasons to microdose

It is not yet clear whether microdosing can actually cause effects and what the risks are exactly. The placebo effect probably plays an important role. The effects that are often mentioned as a reason to start microdosing are:

More energy
Clearer thinking, increased problem-solving ability
More creativity
Better concentration ability
Positive mood
Emotional connection with the people around you
Be aware of yourself
Living more in the now
Which psychedelics are used for microdosing?
Especially psilocin and psilocybin containing mushrooms and truffles are used for microdosing. But other psychedelics can also be used.

It is not recommended to microdose with stimulants, such as MDMA. Microdosing of ketamine is also not recommended. Also, NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) are sometimes used as 1P-LSD and 1cP. However, we do not recommend that because very little research has been done on these substances.

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It is very difficult to determine the exact amount that is good for a microdosing. Plant material is rarely constant in content. Both within a mushroom, for example, and between mushrooms. It is also difficult to determine the dosage with medecine because the medecine on papertrips may not be evenly distributed over a papertrip and between papertrips. Cutting off, for example, 1/8th papertrip is also difficult. One time it will be 10% of the surface, another time maybe 15%. There is a chance that you will accidentally take an active dose or just so little that it will not cause microdosing effects.


What are the risks?

The risks of microdosing are a lot smaller than using normal doses of psychedelics. However, there may be other risks because it is used a lot more often than if you take a normal dose. With microdosing, you often take a microdose every 3 days, depending on your schedule.

This could potentially cause heart problems. It is not yet clear how this is.
It could exacerbate existing psychological problems such as suspicion, anxiety and manic phases in dipolar disorders. If you suffer from psychological problems, it is therefore not recommended to start microdosing.
Microdosing is difficult to determine. You easily take more than you intended. Then you are suddenly tripping unintentionally. That can use at annoying or risky moments. Take a microdose only at home and on a day off.