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Laser Hair Removal in Amsterdam

Discover silky smooth skin with laser hair removal Amsterdam

Who has time for waxing and shaving when you’re living life to the full in Amsterdam? Unwanted hair can sap your confidence, no matter where it appears, and shaving can leave a stubbly regrowth which is not always attractive. There is a way to permanently get rid of the hair you don’t want and have soft, smooth skin that is always ready to face the day. It’s laser hair treatment – a simple and inexpensive beauty treatment that has been around for years.

How does laser hair treatment work?

Laser treatment to remove hair works using light technology. Specific light wavelengths are applied to the desired area, and the light is absorbed by the darker hair pigment. Transferred as heat, the hair follicle is damaged by the light pulses. The damage prevents hair from growing again. It may take several sessions of laser hair removal Amsterdam for the whole area to be completely hair-free, but from the very first treatment, the regrowth is noticeably slower. The number of treatments needed will vary from person to person, depending on the skin colour, hair colour, age and hormone levels.

Can all skin and hair types be treated?

Laser hair removal in Amsterdam by Sensitif, works best on light skin tones and dark hair. This is due to the light wavelengths currently used. Laser beauty treatments should not be used on skin that has tanned in the last few weeks. Very fair, blonde or white hair is difficult to treat currently, as is dark skin.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

This depends on your pain level! Some people say it feels like being pinged with an elastic band, others say they feel nothing at all. There are numbing creams and cool air blasts that helps reduce the discomfort.