A metallized paper supplier for the highest quality metallized paper

Venoflex is a specialized metallized paper supplier that distributes metallized film and paper to companies in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. They have a lot of expertise and have built up the necessary experience over the years. This metallized paper supplier started selling, supplying and distributing their products in 1994. Because they […]


Buy swivel flanges from an all-round supplier

Do you need swivel flanges for a piping system and are you looking for the best place to buy those? Then the web shop is where you need to be. This is an all-round supplier who offers all the piping products you may possibly need for your pipe system. Whether you are looking for […]


Reliable assistance in completing your Dutch M-form at this company near Nijmegen

As an expat in the Netherlands, there is a lot to consider when you start working for a Dutch company. One of those matters is filing your tax return, which might be slightly different from what you are used to. Have you been working and living in the Netherlands for less than a year? Then […]


Optimising Your Office Space


Large or small office spaces can be designed wrong, therefore not making the most of the space and design opportunities available. No matter the size, there will be certain ways in which your office can be adapted to allow a little more space, light or office design. To begin with a plan and a drawing […]


Alles dat je moet weten over e-liquids


Roken verdwijnt natuurlijk steeds meer uit het straatbeeld dankzij strengere regelgeving en voorlichting. Mede hierom stappen inmiddels veel rokers over naar de e-sigaret. Deze elektronische sigaretten worden niet gevuld met tabak, maar met een vloeistof: de e-liquid. Deze zijn er (voorlopig) in vele verschillende smaken. In deze blog lees je alles over deze e-liquids.  Wat […]


Where can i find the best e-liquids?

Global Vaporizers Market Report available on In4Research provides a roadmap of the Vaporizers industry that makes up the product size, market revenue cycle, new opportunities, CAGR, sales volumes and figures. The demand for vaporizers is expected to grow significantly as the industry becomes increasingly popular. The two major factors examined in this report include market […]

Fashion and Clothing

DIY Jewelry Making


Step by step: How to make your own bracelet or necklace Are you interested in making your own jewelry, but you think it is too difficult for you to get started or you don’t where to start? In this blog, we will explain step by step how to make your own jewelry. Because jewelry making […]


A wireless communication system for referees


The wireless AXIWI communication system is the communication system for the sport. The communication system is extremely suitable for referees who supervise a sports match and want to be in direct and wireless contact with fellow referees and officials. The communication system also offers various possibilities for coaching athletes and referees in different situations. With […]

Home and Garden

Wanneer is dakrenovatie nodig?


Een goed onderhouden dak gaat decennia mee. Maar zelfs met het beste preventieve onderhoud komt er een punt waarop een dakrenovatie nodig is. Hoe weet je wanneer een dakrenovatie nodig is? Is lekkage een teken dat je dak gerenoveerd moet worden? En wat zijn de kosten van dakrenovatie? Wat is de levensduur van dakbedekking Hoewel […]


Weekendje weg? Tijd voor Twente


Iedereen heeft soms de behoefte om er af en toe even tussenuit te knijpen. Dit jaar misschien wel meer dan ooit. Gelukkig kan er nog heel veel wel.  We hebben dit jaar massaal ontdekt dat ons eigen landje heel veel moois te bieden heeft. De zomervakantie brachten we grotendeels door in Nederland, en ook voor […]