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Using Social Media as Customer Support for Online Stores

Do you provide customer support on social media? If you are not doing this yet, you are missing so much! A business on social media does invite criticism, but there are several ways to use it for the growth of your brand. It will enable you to obtain live feedback from your consumers if you utilize it as a customer support channel.

Indeed, social media is a booming industry, and it is very popular amongst people of all ages. This article explains why and how to use social media as a customer service platform.


Why Do Businesses Use Social Media for Customer Support?

E-commerce businesses have adopted social media as a support channel for all good reasons. Here are a few of them:

Addressing Customer Queries on Multiple Channels Increases Customer Loyalty

Your potential customers and existing customers are on social media, as more than 50% of people at least have a social media account. There’s also a probability that most of them might be active on these social media platforms. Thus, it is good to serve them on the platform they are active on. They will also understand how concerned you are for your customers.

Emerge As A Customer-centered Brand

When solving queries, you will build trust amongst the spectators. When people notice that you actively listen to the problems and engage with them to come up with a solution, you will come out as a customer-centered brand.

Gain New Customer Insights

Social media will help you identify your customers’ interests and mold your products accordingly. This valuable opportunity provided by social media will help gain new customer insights.


How to Adopt Social Media as Customer Support for Online Stores 

Make It Simple to Reach Out

Customizing the bio of the social media account is the best way to make it easier for customers to approach you. You can add your customer support info in the bio. You can also add contact information and email for a hassle-free service. 

Try To Answer Every Comment And Feedback

When brands or businesses answer customers’ queries or reply to their comments, they feel they are being heard. Acknowledging customers’ efforts will bring satisfaction to them. Try not to leave any comments unattended. 

Understand Which Comments Can Be Answered in the Public

Social media comes with applause as well as constructive and destructive criticism. Every business can not please every customer. Take it as a part of a business to hear complaints from customers. However, you can always politely answer the customer about a solution to their problem. 

You can also add comments like “we are sorry for the inconvenience.” Our customer support team will reach out to you to help you better. ” 

Greet & Address Them by Their Names

Customers like it when they are addressed by their name. A simple greeting followed by their name is enough to give a good impression of your brand. It is much better if the executive behind the chat reveals his name in the conversation. This humanizes the conversation.



Social media is a fantastic medium for customer support as it makes customer interaction easy for customers and brands. To get started, choose a platform your customers often use and identify the tone of your brand. Show care and support to your customers through social media accounts, and you will reap great support from them.

Social media has thousands of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Brands are already leveraging it to up-skill their businesses. Answer negativity with positivity. This is the key to winning the hearts of customers. Prioritize your customers’ words and show empathy.

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(Contributed by Sunita Negi & Hermes Fang)

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