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These are the three tastiest snacks for babies besides bottle feeding

Children may start having treats other than just breast milk or formula after six months. Of course, you don’t start with pizza or French fries right away, but they can start trying small snacks already. That way you can already start testing which flavors your baby likes. To make sure you don’t give your child too big snacks right away, we have listed the three tastiest baby snacks! 

Start with fruits and vegetables 

You probably sat at the table with your parents as a child and your mom or dad said, “First eat your vegetables and only then you can eat your meat. This also applies to babies. The first bites they get to taste are mostly based on fruits and vegetables. It would also not be very healthy to start with chocolate and sweets right away. 

Make sure you cut the pieces of fruits and vegetables into very small pieces. This way you will make sure your baby can eat it easily. You can also choose to mash the fruits and vegetables. It all depends on what your baby likes to chew. Based on that, you can prepare his first and favorite snack! 

A biscuit breakfast for your baby

If you now spend entire days feeding your baby only milk and fruit, at some point it’s time for something different. You can also give your baby a piece of rusk or rice cake at an early age. Again, of course, you have to make these into small pieces or even add a little milk to them to make them go down better. You then actually make a kind of porridge with rusk or rice cake. It is very similar to a fruit snack, but has a different structure and taste! 


Alternate porridges and snacks with milk

Make sure you don’t just feed your baby porridge now! Breast milk or formula like Loulouka baby formula should still be given. This is because there are lots of nutrients in milk that the baby desperately needs to continue developing. So alternate the porridges and snacks with daily milk feeding or bottle feeding.