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Product Information Management for Online Stores

PIM: What is it?

Product information management (PIM) solutions offer a central area where all your various channels and departments may access product details. By unifying the product details and expediting the procedure of continuing to push it out to other outlets, a well-deployed PIM offers a significant competitive edge to a corporation.

PIM applications can often be integrated with specific elements of your other eCommerce operating systems, including such ones as receivables tracking and management systems. A wide range of providers offers PIM technology. Several eCommerce platforms come with PIM functionality pre-installed.

PIM aims to reduce the difficulties associated with managing and distributing high-quality product details consistently throughout your organization, ensure that all merchandise data is distributed equally efficiently, and give you the means and chance to enhance your marketing materials overall.


Benefits of PIM

You might sum up PIM’s real benefit by stating that it significantly enhances how your company manages product information. But what does it entail? Let’s examine in more depth how a solid PIM program can help your company in several ways:

  • PIM allows collecting good information from a single, centralized location. This implies that your company needs to manage one dataset instead of constantly adding data in numerous areas. This eliminates the spread of errors and saves a ton of time.
  • PIM’s centralization ensures that all your platforms and organizations will acquire the same data, promoting consistency throughout your organization. Increased effectiveness and quickness result from this.
  • Individuals can input product information into PIM systems straight from their vendors, increasing accuracy and speeding up the process. Pulling technical specs and other information directly from the company’s dataset is still very helpful. Sometimes, you should take the time to start writing a different product summary and paraphrasing bullet points whenever possible to avoid your webpage receiving a potential SEO punishment for duplicate content.
  • If you add a solitary item at a time and many, PIM’s strong organizational capabilities let you categorize goods and get the data they ought to go with. This implies that your goods can start making money quickly and make it to market more quickly.
  • PIM makes it possible to refresh product details quickly, avoiding the persistence of out-of-date information on their online listings or other distribution channels. This helps to prevent negative user experiences like purchasing “the defective model” or feeling tricked by your company.
  • PIM also aids in reducing the unpredictability of some marketplaces by giving you a quick way to access your product details.


Drawbacks of PIM

Even while PIM has indisputable benefits, you should be prepared for some drawbacks when planning to integrate any program or innovation within your company. It’s important to remember that most drawbacks can be avoided by selecting a PIM platform compatible with a particular eCommerce platform.

  • Various technical standards, parts lists, and other details may be required for some market segments in addition to others. Users’ supplementary fields to capture this data can often be challenging to add to PIM applications.
  • Some PIM technologies have a steep hill to climb, making them challenging to use in your company immediately.
  • Specific PIM software has weak general connectivity, making it challenging to use with your current infrastructure.
  • Due to their high costs, needs for specialized research, or other barriers, most PIM solutions are solely intended for use by large corporations, prohibiting smaller organizations from taking advantage of their advantages.

As we previously said, you may prevent these issues by selecting your PIM wisely.


Shoplazza As A PIM Solution for Dropshippers

The only viable option is to run your company on an online marketplace with an integrated PIM system.

Built-in PIM implies that sometimes the minor organization won’t need to spend money on PIM implementation later because these functions will be available immediately. By using PIM from the beginning, your company won’t ever experience the repercussions of having to modify and upgrade the product data management procedures in the middle of a project. Instead, you will start with everything you want for endless scalability.

Shoplazza is an e-commerce platform that can be used as a PIM for your dropshipping business. It helps you manage all your products in one place and make sure they are accurate and up-to-date. They offer many features and services, including inventory management, order fulfillment, product listing optimization, etc.


(Contributed by Aloukik Rathore & Hermes Fang)