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Optimising Your Office Space

Large or small office spaces can be designed wrong, therefore not making the most of the space and design opportunities available. No matter the size, there will be certain ways in which your office can be adapted to allow a little more space, light or office design.

To begin with a plan and a drawing is a great starting point. By drawing what you have in place, and drawing the changes, you’ll have a clear picture on how the space can be adapted. It’s not just about moving furniture, it’s also about adding and removing key pieces of furniture which will benefit the space.

Many busy workplaces complain of high noise levels, which can be distracting. Acoustic office screens are a great way to optimise space, as they help with noise levels but also divide any space. The slimline design ensures they take up minimal space and compliment your office design. So, all in all, an office partition can easily transform a space.

In addition to handling the noise concern, if floor space is a big issue, swap the acoustic screens for wall mounted acoustic panels. By looking at the wall panel alternative, you get the best of both worlds – more floor space and acoustic support.

It’s hard to get it right when it comes to office design, especially when it comes to pleasing each employee. With that being said you might not be able to please everyone, but you can ask for suggestions and changes they would like to see implemented. By taking opinions you can see a new vision which could benefit you, your space and your employees.

The aim of the workplace is to have employees around you that work hard and excel in their role. And the environment around them can have an influence. Take a look at the seating plan and where the desks are positioned. Making sure the office and desk spaces receive natural light can really boost moral and heighten moods.

Overall, optimising an office space doesn’t have to come at a large cost. Small changes can make all the difference to provide a well designed, spacious working space for all to enjoy.