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How to run a commercial Instagram: working with content

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The first and most important question you should ask yourself is: why do you need Instagram. The answer to this question will serve as the basis for all future profile management work.

Ideas for interactives:

Provocative topics – sometimes a hot topic is enough to create a heated discussion. You can also ask the audience for their opinion by asking them the question “Rate the idea?” or “What do you think on the topic …?”

Digital riddles, puzzles, puzzles, riddles for logic, erudition, rebuses, equations – all this helps to engage the audience.

 “Which of these does not exist / lie?” – an interactive, in which the audience is asked to guess whether a statement is true or not.

Last Comment Contest – Invite your audience to play the game. Whose comment will last, say, 15 minutes, he will receive some kind of prize.

When formatting a description, you must follow a minimum of rules that will make your text more readable and enjoyable. The main rule is the mandatory addition of paragraphs to the text. This can be done using the special character “⠀”.

It is also recommended to add emoji, with their help you can focus on some blocks of text or a certain thought. The most optimal paragraph size: three to four sentences. Also remember that photo captions are limited to 2200 characters. Therefore, if necessary, the continuation of the description can be laid out with the first comment.

Post structure

In addition to basic text formatting, the structure of the post must also be respected. First of all, the first two lines of the description of any publication should be as interesting and catchy as possible, since they are what users see when they scroll through the feed.

Further, native use of the hashtag is desirable. Thanks to it, your audience will perceive hashtags not as an “addition” to the post, but as part of it. This will help your audience research your content more often using hashtags.

At the end of any description, there must be a call to action (Call to Action). A call to action, as the name implies, helps direct the audience to take the desired action: buy, like, or comment. Thanks to the call to action, in many ways, the main goals of the Instagram account are being realized.

Reviews and links

Links don’t work on Instagram. Therefore, the only way to “direct” your audience through links is by posting links in your profile. That is, first we publish the link in the profile description, and then in the publications we urge the audience to follow it. However, on Instagram, links to users work great, using the @ mention function. Mention can be used to post reviews. The person mentioned in the post will be notified accordingly.

You can place hashtags both in the photo description itself and in the first comment. There is no difference as Instagram ranks the hashtags from the first comment.

However, remember an important rule: you cannot duplicate hashtags from post to post, this reduces reach. If you use the same hashtags too often, Instagram will think you are a spammer. Therefore, each post should have unique thematic and heading hashtags. There is no definite opinion on how many hashtags to use. According to the Agorapulse research, the optimal number of hashtags at which a post gets the most likes is 8. But the best recommendation is to track hashtag performance using the Insights function. The maximum number of hashtags in a publication is 30. Also, along with hashtags, do not forget to set the current location for this publication. This will help users in the given location find you.

Visual design of the profile

The main rule for designing a profile is that photos should have some kind of general stylistic concept, which must be constantly adhered to. A single style will help make all photos look holistic and beautiful. Oftentimes, many Instagram accounts gain thousands of followers just because of their unique style. Therefore, be sure to try to form some kind of your own color or graphic design concept for publications. Presets are often used to create a unified style. A preset is a preset file for the Lightroom app. Often, presets can be downloaded for free on the Internet or bought. In this case, processing of photos will take less than a minute. Finding and using presets is easy – there are many free sources. In order to save your favorite preset, you just need to download an image in .dng format. The next step is to save the preset to the list of user styles. In addition to Lightroom, photos can be processed using other tools:

Fotostars is a free photo editor that has tons of filters, retouching, color correction and other useful tools.

Fotor is another online photo editor that comes with dozens of interesting filters.

Snapseed is a powerful and free smartphone app that can cover 99% of basic photo editing needs.

Canva is a website and mobile app that lets you create stunning banners. In addition, the service recently added 125 Russian fonts, making design creation even easier.

All of the above tools will help you choose and create your own style of photo decoration.

“Cap” for photos

Instagram is a social network for visuals. Therefore, every piece of content you publish should be as visually appealing as possible. But what if you, for example, need to publish a picture with a rebus for interactive purposes? Such an image certainly cannot be called beautiful. This is where the “stub” comes to the rescue. A “stub” is the first photo or image in the gallery (photo carousel) that “covers” some ugly visual. Use a placeholder when you want to post an image that clashes with your profile style. For example, an interactive, meme, text review, some not very beautiful, but necessary photo can be hidden under the stub.

About banners

Banners are photos with a lot of text. Or even just pictures with a title. Statistics show that the Instagram audience does not perceive this type of content well. Therefore, whenever possible, instead of a banner, it is better to publish a high-quality, interesting photo. Banners can be part of the overall visual concept, but even then, the text will play out to beautiful photographs

The secret of the “gallery” (“carousel”) format

On Instagram, you can publish not only single photos, but also a selection of them. The maximum number of photos in the gallery is 10. Instagram will continue to show the user the post in the feed, each time showing a new photo until he has looked at all the photos from the gallery. This allows you to be sure that your post will be seen by the maximum number of users.

Template for like

Instagram users go to any lengths to engage the audience in their posts as much as possible. An interesting way to increase the number of likes is to use a custom template. Design your own like template for some content categories.

Instagram is an interesting social network with many opportunities to promote your business. In return, the platform requires careful study and immersion in all its aspects. This article touches upon the basics of competently maintaining a commercial profile, but each of its points deserves a deeper consideration. Therefore, we recommend that you keep exploring the cool Instagram features and wish you the best in running your commercial account!

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