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Explore various ways for increasing the milk production in your dairy cows

Increasing milk production in dairy cows is one of the main goals when owning a dairy farm. But how can you do this without compromising your animals’ health? Kimtec International provides you with the best solution possible! Their feed supplements are state-of-the-art developments to restore and increase milk production. By optimizing the feed intake of your cattle during the dry and transition period, your animals will be better prepared for calving when the time is right. Your dairy cattle will be healthy, energized, and ready for action when needed!

Improved health is the way to go for your dairy cattle

But what kind of feed additives are developed by Kimtec International? Thanks to over 25 years of research, these experts have developed different kinds of feed additives. Four of their most rewarded products are:

  • ProGlyc® 55
  • KatAn®
  • Rumen Protected Amino acids
  • Coated Urea®

KatAn® may be the best solution when increasing milk production in dairy cows. If your cows easily suffer from ketosis or milk fever, KatAn® is the way to go! This feed additive consists of highly effective ammonium chloride made palatable with the highly innovative Masktech technique. By adding this supplement to the feed, you can prevent milk fever and ketosis. In other words, the health of your animals will improve. Increasing the milk production in your dairy cows will then be a natural result of this improved health.

Contact one of the experts for more information

Whether you want to try one of the four well-known product ranges or rather would like a bespoke solution for your dairy cattle, make sure to contact the experts of Kimtec International to discuss the possibilities. Increasing the milk production in your dairy cows is not difficult, but it does require an expert eye to know what your animals need. Are you interested in one of their solutions? You can find the contact information on their website!

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