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Everything you want to know about chakra meditation and mediumship readings

Chakra meditation

You might or might not have heard about chakra meditation before. It is a special form of meditation in which balance and harmony are central. Everyone has chakras in their body that are linked to feeling balanced and harmonious. Therefore, one of the main elements of chakra meditation is breathing and relaxing. But first: what are chakras? They can be explained as energies in our human bodies that control our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state of mind. Combined chakras form the basis of our thoughts and feelings. Chakras basically have one goal and that is to keep us happy and healthy in every area in our life.

The 7 chakras are:

  • The root chakra
  • The sacral chakra
  • The solar plexus chakra
  • The heart chakra
  • The throat chakra
  • The third-eye chakra
  • The crown chakra

Read more about chakra meditation. You will learn how to connect the chakras so that they work together and can provide many different advantages for your mind and body.

Mediumship reading

A mediumship reading is something very different from chakra meditation. A mediumship reading is a psychic reading in which the medium goes into state of consciousness in which it is possible to make contact with spirit guides. The medium can then deliver messages from the spirit guides to you and vice versa. This type of reading is usually to connect with deceased loved ones. This way, you can communicate with someone that you have lost. If it was a sudden death, you may have not gotten the chance to say goodbye. The medium can deliver any messages you might have. You will also be able to receive information from the other side. It might be that the spirit guides have advice for you that they so urgently want to get across. It might also be something reassuring from your loved ones, like that they are oke and that you don’t need to worry.

Even thought these are two very different things. Both may provide you with comfort and more balance in your life. We all get to some point in life in which we feel blocked or uncertain as to how to move forward. Reaching out to a psychic or a medium can be helpful and comforting in so many ways. There are many other readings to choose from, depending on what suits your situation best. Take a look on the website and reach out if you could use some help and guidance in your life.