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A tooth extraction for a better smile


Generally, it’s better to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. A tooth is strong and durable after all. However, there are cases in which it’s better to have your tooth extracted. It might even improve your smile or dental health. Most times a tooth extraction is only necessary in extreme cases. Are you wondering when you should opt for a tooth extraction


When you have a seriously damaged tooth

There are many ways for a tooth to become damaged. Whether it’s decay or trauma from falling down for example. In a lot of cases a dental filling or crown will suffice. But if your tooth is damaged beyond repair or when it’s infected, your only choice will be tooth extraction. Don’t worry however, there are many options to replace your missing tooth. And your dentist will gladly talk you through the possibilities. It’s important to do your research beforehand about the dental clinic you want to visit, for example, specializes in tooth extraction. And you surely want to get the job done right. 

When you have a severe gum disease

It’s important to get regular checkups with your dentist. Most preferably every six months to get a good dental cleaning. If you don’t it might be too late when you discover you have gum disease. If your gum gets infected it will cause the gums to pull away from your teeth. Immediate treatment is needed for this to reattach the gums. If the treatment comes too late you will need a tooth extraction. 

When you have impacted wisdom teeth

Almost every grown up, some earlier than others, will reach a point when their wisdom teeth need to be removed. Because wisdom teeth are often impacted they will never reach out through the gums. This can cause damage to your other teeth. The wisdom tooth could decay or cause infections as well. To prevent this, you’ll need to have them removed before they can cause any harm.