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A metallized paper supplier for the highest quality metallized paper

Venoflex is a specialized metallized paper supplier that distributes metallized film and paper to companies in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. They have a lot of expertise and have built up the necessary experience over the years. This metallized paper supplier started selling, supplying and distributing their products in 1994. Because they only work with companies that also have extensive expertise in the packaging industry, you are always assured of the best service and you can be sure that you only get the best products for your business. Are you curious about the benefits of the products you can order from this metallized paper supplier? Then read on!

What are the benefits of ordering your products at this specialist?

Whether you are looking for metallized paper or film, you are guaranteed to succeed at this experienced specialist. One of the advantages of this metallized paper supplier is that they have a large stock, so you never have to wait long for your order. As a result, your work will not remain idle for long, and you will be able to keep working. The metallized film that you can order from them is also of high quality. These films are strong, are heat resistant so they do not shrink and also have low oxygen permeability. They can always deliver the metallized paper and film quickly.

Order your products from this supplier

When you need new products such as metallized paper, you naturally want to order them from a specialized supplier. Venoflex is a specialist in this area. At this company you can tell them which products you need, and their experts will get to work for you. They are also at your service when you have questions or want more information about the operation of their products or about delivery. On their website, you will find the contact information for ordering metallized paper.

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