What is squash and why is it good for you?


What is squash?

Squash is a ball sport that is usually played by two (this is singles) or four (is this called doubles) players. The sport is carried out in a four-walled court using a small and follow rubber ball that is hit by both players. In most cases squash is played by two players (1 vs 1). Both players hit the small and hollow rubber ball in alternate turns. 

Both players have to hit the ball against the front wall and let it bounce once before hitting it again. Each player is also allowed to hit the ball before it hits the ground. This is called a volley in squash. Both players try to hit the ball in ways to make sure the opponent can’t reach the ball before it hits the ground twice. When the ball bounces twice on the ground in squash the rally is over and the point is won by the person who last hit the ball.

The serve in squash is done from one side of the squashcourt. When the person that served the last ball wins the point he or she has to serve from the other side (and this continues). Every game is won by getting 11 points or more. The player has to get more points when there is no 2 point difference between him or her and her opponent. 

The governing body of squash is called the world squash federation (or WSF for short) and this organisation is recognized by the IOC but the sport is unfortunately no official olympic sport. Supports of the sport are trying the get the sport to be enlisted to the olympics.

Playing squash is always better using your own squash racquet. Having a high quality squash racquet helps you get the most out of your game and enjoy the game of squash more. I have heard of a good website to order your squash racquets from. It’s called qss-squash.com.

Is squash healthy?

Squash is called the healthiest sport to play by a lot of researches. But why is squash called the healthies sport?

1. Squash burns the most calories of every sport that exists. This means that you can play squash for a short while but still be very tired and exhausted.

2. Squash has a relatively small chance of giving injuries to the players that practice the sport and game. This means that it’s a very safe sport to play, on every level.