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Managers and directors have the responsibility and power to examine the company and make decisions. The scale of management can be anyone, from one person in an organization to thousands of managers in companies in different countries. In larger organizations, policies are defined by the board of directors and then executed by the chief executive officer or chief executive officer.

Some people believe that the best way to analyse a company’s future and current value depends on the experience and quality of the managers. The goal of management is to bring people together to achieve the same expected goals and objectives by using available resources in an effective and efficient manner.

Management functions include:

  • Organize 
  • Guide or lead
  • Planning
  • Staffing
  • Control an organization

They also include the research and deployment of financial resources, natural resources, human resources, and technology.

What is an enterprise management system?

A business management system (BMS) is a tool set used for strategic planning and tactical implementation in practices of that strategy, processes, policies, guidelines and procedures for the deployment, execution and development of business strategies and plans, as well as any related management activities . When it comes to current processes, tasks, activities, and procedures, they provide the basis for tactical and strategic business decisions. The goal is to meet all the goals of the organization and meet the expectations and needs of customers.

The main idea of ​​the business management system is to provide management with tools to monitor, plan and control its activities and measure business performance. They are also committed to implementing continuous improvement processes in the company. They also strive to continually introduce new continuous improvement and testing processes throughout the company. The system discovers the principles and customized of the organization’s existence and is closely related to the business success criteria.





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