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This biogas analyser is fully automated and very easy to use

GAS provides solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets. Do you need a biogas analyser for the analysis of various components in biogas? This expert company is the best partner for the development of high-quality analytical equipment. The fully automated biogas analyser is very easy to use. Dependent on your wishes, different configurations are possible. This all depends on your components of interest, required accuracy and analysis time.

Get every component you desire in your bespoke analysis equipment

One of the best components is that the biogas analyser from GAS has the possibility of optional channels. This means the analyser can be equipped to analyse sulphur, ammonia, terpenes and siloxanes as well. Thanks to the Calorific Value calculation, you even have the possibilities to integrate your analyses in the Chromatography Data System. Every GAS biogas analyser supports a large variety of standardised methods of analysis. Think of the following:

  • GPA 2261 / 2177 / 2186 / 2286 can be used
  • ISO 6974 / 6975 for standardised safety regulations
  • ASTM D1945 / D1946 / D6228 according to your own wishes

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, the experts over at GAS know exactly where their attention is required in the development process. In addition, they have developed a complete portfolio of services to make sure you have everything you need. Next to the development of a bespoke biogas analyser, you can also request services such as technical training, application support, demolab and training courses.

Schedule an appointment with one of the expert developers of this company

Do you work in the Energy, Refinery, Chemical or Environmental market and do you need a biogas analyser for your production process? GAS is more than happy to help you! Their experts will develop a bespoke solution. If you need state-of-the-art analysis equipment, make sure to schedule an appointment. You can find the contact information on the website!