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Reliable assistance in completing your Dutch M-form at this company near Nijmegen

As an expat in the Netherlands, there is a lot to consider when you start working for a Dutch company. One of those matters is filing your tax return, which might be slightly different from what you are used to. Have you been working and living in the Netherlands for less than a year? Then you file a tax return with the Dutch M-form, a complicated matter that the employees of Witlox International Tax Advice, based near Nijmegen, can assist you with.

What is an M-form for tax return and where can I find it?

An M-form is a form for tax return that is available for individuals who immigrate to the Netherlands or Dutch citizens who choose to emigrate. If you have not lived and worked in the Netherlands throughout the entire year, you cannot file your tax return online by using the regular system. In that case, you must request a special form from the government and fill in all your details on paper. It is also possible that you have received such form through the post. There are a few drawbacks to this document: it is published in Dutch and it consists of many pages. Completing it can therefore be a tough task, especially if you do not speak the Dutch language. In this case, you can contact the employees of Witlox International Tax Advice, based near Nijmegen, to complete your Dutch M-form for you.

Reach out to the company for assistance in tax-related matters

The employees of this company in Oss, near Nijmegen, will ask you to fill in a questionnaire with your personal details, after which they will prepare the Dutch M-form for you from start to finish. They can also assist you with other tax-related matters, such as fiscal advice that is tailored to your situation and asking an extension to file the tax return. Feel free to contact the company and experience its reliable service yourself!