Microdosing is taking very low doses of a certain psychedelic substance, such as LSD or magic mushrooms. Users do not microdose to create a high or to obtain visual hallucinations. In many cases, the goal of microdosing is to increase productivity and creativity in daily life, to reduce feelings of depression or to stimulate energy […]

Beauty and Personal Care

Life as a minimalist – Tiny House Living

Minimalism is diametrically opposed to endless materialism. The materialism that is enormously good for the economy but has less attention for the well-being of the individual. Health problems of burn-outs and depression are skyrocketing. People feel that they are stuck and that they have no other choice. Excessive consumption has become almost inseparable from the […]


How to run a commercial Instagram: working with content

marketing books 2020 The first and most important question you should ask yourself is: why do you need Instagram. The answer to this question will serve as the basis for all future profile management work. Ideas for interactives: Provocative topics – sometimes a hot topic is enough to create a heated discussion. You can also […]

Books & Magazines

Laura Lippman

American born author, Laura Lippman is one of the top-notch novelists and journalists out there. Like Karen Slaughter, Laura was born in Atlanta, Georgia; however, she was raised in Columbia, Maryland [source]. She is an American author of detective fiction. Moreover, she is married to a former Baltimore Sun reporter. They had a daughter together […]


Hardware Buyback Services

Most companies have old equipment that is no longer useful to them. These include computers, laptops, hard disks, monitors, tablets, and servers. Despite being old, most of this equipment is usually in good condition suitable for reuse or refabrication. Safe disposal of such hardware is hard given that they, at times, contain relevant information that […]


Jörn Clasen – Your E1 estate agent for Bielefeld and surroundings

In the East Westphalian city of Bielefeld, E1 International Investment Holding GmbH, based in the Hessian state capital Wiesbaden, is represented by Jörn Clasen and his real estate agency. The IHK-certified real estate specialist and Bachelor professional of real estate management has been working in the real estate industry, as it is called, for three […]


Proof of Stake Vs. Proof of Work


The two common types of consensus mechanisms are Stake Proof (PoS) and Work Proof (PoW), which is a vital aspect of blockchain technology. Mechanisms of consensus are essential to the functioning of distributed ledgers-the fundamental aspect of blockchain technology, which enables it to function without a central authority. The primary role of the consensus process […]


Reisezeit – Was Urlauber nun wissen müssen


Die Strände sind leer, in den Hotels warten die besten Zimmer und auch die kulinarischen Ergüsse lassen das Wasser im Mund zusammenlaufen. Alles wäre bereit, doch nur eine Kleinigkeit fehlt: die Touristen. Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie hat die Bundesregierung eine Reisewarnung verhängt, welche alle Länder umfasste. Nun soll sich das ändern, denn am 15. Juni werden […]


Water Fasting vs. Juice Fasting


Water fasting and juice fasting have become a trend nowadays. People have become extremely curious about details of such types of fasting and their benefits. This article differentiates between water fasting and juice fasting and recommends the best type of fasting for you. What is Water Fasting? Water fasting means only drinking water for a […]


Passive Income Ideas


If you have been looking for some excellent ideas to fulfill your dream of making money while you sleep, then you have come to the right place. The following are five modern passive income ideas that have a very high success rate. 1.    Selling Leads If you have managed to generate a significant number of […]