Life as a minimalist – Tiny House Living

Minimalism is diametrically opposed to endless materialism. The materialism that is enormously good for the economy but has less attention for the well-being of the individual. Health problems of burn-outs and depression are skyrocketing. People feel that they are stuck and that they have no other choice.

Excessive consumption has become almost inseparable from the lifestyle of Western civilization. The ever-present temptation of stuff. Every year a new model that is even better. That just gives an extra boost to your social status and shows everyone that you have your affairs in order. Of course you need a lot of money for this and so you have less time for yourself or for friends and family.

Moreover, new things take up space and of course you have to be careful with them. This also brings with it worries. However, this lifestyle is not suitable for everyone. For these people a life as a minimalist can offer an alternative.

Stuff needed to live as a minimalist

Strangely enough, additional items are also sold for a minimalist lifestyle. Usually they are simple in shape, in neutral colors but made of high quality materials making them durable and timeless. In such a context, minimalism can certainly be described as a “trend” and certainly not a solution for those who want to escape consumption! 


But life as a minimalist is not about buying more stuff even if it fits in perfectly with current trends! It’s about changing the way we look at the world, at the space around us, at the objects we use every day and at ourselves.