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Having fun with sports in Schagen

Would you like to exercise in a fun way in Schagen? Then Yoga Fit Mix is ​​right for you. Sports in Schagen becomes fun again if you follow the right sports lesson. At Yogaschool Alyna we want you to feel comfortable and joyful again while exercising, that’s why we offer a very dynamic sports class.

The language is Dutch, so hit that translate button.

Sports in Schagen with Yoga Fit Mix

If you like movement and you like to work with your body, try Yoga Fit Mix. Yoga Fit Mix is ​​the ideal mix between yin and yang. Between effort and relaxation. When we go to the gym, we often go beyond our limits, at Yoga School Alyna this is not the case.

At Yogaschool Alyna you can work out in Schagen without being pushed over your limit. Sports is fun if you don’t get injured. When we work out in the gym, the ego is often what dominates, with Yoga Fit Mix you can exercise in a conscious way. Did you know that Yoga Fit Mix is ​​unique in Schagen?

Exercise is healthy for you

Exercising in a responsible way is healthy for you. Among other things, it ensures:

  • Better blood circulation
  • More energy
  • Better concentration
  • More confidence
  • Happier life and more joy
  • More compassion for yourself
  • A fitter body
  • And a stronger body

If you play sports in an irresponsible way, you can get a lot of injuries. This is sin and unnecessary. At Yogaschool Alyna you receive professional guidance and you exercise mindful. Relaxed but still feel like you’ve done something, that’s Yoga Fit Mix.

Experience Yoga Fit Mix with a Free Trial Lesson

Of course you can always request a free trial lesson. This is no problem. Please contact us and we will contact you within one day.

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