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E-cigarette sellers fear major loss of turnover and jobs

Hundreds of e-cigarette retailers and importers fear a huge drop in their sales.

Acvoda, the consumer organization for e-cigarette users, reports this. From July 1, 2022, flavored electronic cigarettes will be banned. The trade association Esigbond thinks that the sector will miss out on around 200 million euros in turnover and that 800 jobs will disappear.

National Prevention Agreement

In the National Prevention Agreement, it has been agreed to strive for a smoke-free generation by 2040. “To achieve that, we must now do what we can to ensure that as many children as possible grow up in a smoke-free and tobacco-free environment,” said outgoing State Secretary Paul. Blokhuis (Public Health) earlier.

E-cigarettes come in all kinds of flavors, such as apple pie, wine gum or mojito. When the ban comes into effect, they will only be allowed to taste like tobacco. According to the Ministry of Health, the flavors are not only popular among young people, but the e-cigarettes are also a stepping stone for them towards regular cigarettes. Visit more information. According to Acvoda, electronic cigarettes are not used by young people as a stepping stone, but mainly by inveterate smokers as a means of quitting. 

Relapse to smoking

According to the organization, consumer research shows that hundreds of thousands of Dutch smokers fall back on smoking after a taste ban, or buy the flavored liquids abroad. In addition, Acvoda expects users to brew the stuff at home. e liquid store is cheaper. “And that’s going to go wrong at some point. It is an incredibly ill-considered plan,” says Esigbond chairman Emil ‘t Hart. At the beginning of this year, 19,000 people signed a petition against the ban on flavors.