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Do you always follow everything thoroughly from A to Z?

Do you always follow everything thoroughly from A to Z? Do you ever wonder how raw materials are processed and how they end up with you as an end product? And how come you can choose from over 500 different beers and that your chosen beer always has the same taste? Are you someone who likes to make decisions and do you like working in an international context with global challenges? Do you also have a healthy interest in management? Then Purchasing & Operations management is definitely for you!

You will learn ‘operational excellence’ in the different domains of Purchasing & Operations management. The emphasis is on practical applications in purchasing, sales, e-commerce and you learn the secrets of project management. To be completely up to date with the competencies of the 21st century, we focus on training in personal, digital and international skills.(link is external)

The market is ‘crying’ for these profiles, for which there is an acute shortage. This banaba course, the only advanced course in Belgium with this option, prepares you for this.


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Prevent fraud when buying and selling cars.

How do you avoid being cheated when buying and selling cars?

Unfortunately, some people make money from internet fraud. Here you will find many tips in this article. When buying/selling a car, watch out for false advertisers. It is unwise to accept the down payment when buying a car. In some cases, you are dealing with a scam here because fraudsters are using cars that don’t even exist to post ads.

Another way for fraudsters is to deal with contracts. You will never see the seller of a car in real life, otherwise in most cases you will never see a car in real life. Stay in touch via email instead of phone, so the seller’s identity remains anonymous.

To prevent fraud, we give you some useful tips about buying and selling cars.

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