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Carboxyl functionalized gold nanoparticles

Are you looking for a product that has specifically been developed for conjugate preparation using the direct adsorption method? The gold nanoparticles, or gold sols, by Aurion from Wageningen, the Netherlands, are the solution for you. These immunogold conjugates, along with the option for silver staining, is what makes these gold nanoparticles special. They are made in-house, and are prepared using the unique production protocols this company is renowned for. This offers a wide range of conventional reagents that cover a great variety in approaches for transmission and scanning electron microscopy. The narrow size distribution and reproducible adsorption of this product is why you would do well to choose for this product. The gold nanoparticles come in the sizes of 6, 10, 15 and 25 nm. Recently, two new sizes have been added: the 20nm and 40nm. These ranges are excellent for your scientific ventures.

Excellent silver enhancement reagents for silver staining in immunogold

When looking for the best reagent that uses immunogold silver staining, look no further than the experts from Aurion. They produce their own R-Gent SE-EM Silver Enhancement reagent that is renowned for its efficiency and homogeneity. When working on your scientific projects, this product has the consistency and high quality you desire. The ultra small immunogold silver staining kit will be able to generate a brown to black signal. This can be combined with counterstaining techniques like nuclear fast red or H&E.

The very best reagents for you

The reagents of Aurion have been extensively tested. Their reduced light sensitivity allows for a minimum of special precautions. The reflected light will increase the sensitivity of the immunogold silver staining method. If you need a better understanding of these processes, the experts at this company give workshops that allow you to work even better with them. When optimizing your techniques, please had over to these experts for your scientific ventures.


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