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Biophilia or a 'healthy jungle office'?


The employees of the Scottish Innovation Center (SIC) in Glasgow work in a newly designed office with an ‘Urban jungle look and feel’. The office was designed and completed early this year by Amos Beech commercial architects Glasgow . An article about biophilic design.

Biophilic workplace design Glasgow

At the beginning of 2018 the Scottish Innovation Center (SIC) opened an extension of 3,500 square meters of office space on the Clyde in Glasgow. SIC is a growing success with almost 150 startups, companies and investors in the ICT, technology and creative industries. The first phase of the interior realised as early as in 2016 quickly led to the demand for even more square meters of agile work space. Along with SIC’s own design team, Amos Beech Interior Design Consultants designed therefore more than one hundred new office-, meeting and collaboration spaces in a complete new green, or biophilic, design. “The ‘Urban jungle look and feel’ focuses on health, sustainability and innovation,” said a spokesman on behalf of the design firm. “Therefore, there is maximum of circular materials aa well as plants used.”

Biophilic Design

(by interior photographer Scotland)

The plants are the key element of the ‘urban jungle ‘ in the SIC Office. They purify, humidify the air and make the working environment healthier. The green concept originated in close collaboration with Benholm. Throughout the property you will find the innovative addition of green, such as the Tubegardens in the hallways, the plants wall and the original Green Fortune Plant chandeliers, with automatic watering system in the kitchen.

“The playful Tubegardens are a ‘green thread ‘ of about 50 meters long,” says Benholm about the particular project. “They form a green trail of lush plants that lead visitors through the building and lead he way to where the meeting rooms are. Weathered oil barrels in the corners of the course take care of watering of the Tubegardens and also contribute to the intended rugged appearance. In the foreseeable future users of the SIC are delusions in a lush rainforest – and real ‘urban jungle’.”

A healthy, sustainable and innovative working space

In the kitchen is the eye-catcher no colorful wallpaper or decorative painting but a lively Plantwall with a diverse mix of bright green plants. Other eye-catchers are the latest Biophilic Designs of Amos Beech: the Plantchandeliers. “There are six of these green chandeliers with different types of vegetation, all equipped with fully automatic irrigation that causes on this hard-to-reach areas no manual watering is needed.”

The result of the efforts of the companies involved is an office that fits with the requirements that anno 2018 to a healthy, sustainable and innovative working space. Although the second phase corresponds to the first phase, the interior a completely different look. “The new look is partly reflected in the merry meeting rooms, the ‘ secret room ‘ and a wide choice of office spaces,” said the design firm. “Phase two also offers space for ‘maker & hacker ‘ activities and in addition a second ‘ kitchen ‘ and ‘ living room ‘. There are also various meeting places created for the target group. “