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An animal farm in New Jersey worth visiting

Do you love animals, or better yet do you truly care for all of the furry and beautiful creatures with which we share our amazing planet? Then the best place for to visit for a good time and a meaningful connection with animals is RJ Stokley’s Celestial Acres. Visiting this farm will bring you nothing but joy and the feeling of a day well spent. This animal farm is a sanctuary for rescue animals that you can visit. Currently the shelter offers a home to more than one hundred animals that are just waiting to interact with you and will fill your hart with warmth.

Create better lives for animals and have a good time doing so

By purchasing an entrance ticket or by using the services offered to you by RJ Stokley’s Celestial Acres your money actively contributes to the welfare of the animals you will be seeing and meeting. This animal farm from New Jersey was founded during the pandemic as a direct response to the rising number of animals in need of rescuing in the wake of the crisis. The foundation’s mission is, usurpingly, to offer a loving home to these friendly and beautiful creatures. Every dollar will go to the improvement of facilities and the care taking abilities of the experts working at the farm. You can create a safe haven for animals  in need and have a great time by visiting this special animal farm in New Jersey.

A perfect destination for a day out

RJ Stokley’s Celestial is al about creating more than wonderful memories with the people you love, surrounded sweet furry friends. That makes this animal farms in New Jersey the perfect destination for your next day out. Not only will you interact with the animals, you and your companions will also be able to learn all about the ongoing rescue efforts at the farm. So, if you’re looking to have fun and contribute to a community of loving animals, this is the best animal farm in New Jersey to go to.