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6 Top Office Interior Design Trends Shaping 2019 and Beyond


Office interiors and workplace design as we know them are currently undergoing a rapid transformation into spaces that can accommodate a new crop of fast-paced employees.

Most organisations are now being forced to adopt a swankier and trendier working environment in an effort to motivate, inspire, and attract the right kind of employees to their fold.

6 Top Office Interior Design Trends 

The old desk and a table in a walled office look is on the verge of being extinct as modern and futuristic office interior designs now take center stage.

With the exception of the popular corner offices, which are traditionally reserved for the head honchos, the rest of the organisation is now redefining the kind of spaces it needs in order to thrive.

All these changes and preferences on how the modern office should look like are being influenced by a number of factors that have now become a new way of life for a new generation of employees.

Factors such as technology, social behaviour, dreams, and aspirations are just some of the key drivers of this new age office space transformation.

Companies have to rethink and realign their office environment strategies in a bid to strike a balance between functionality, employee productivity, and comfort – something that has now caught up with the times and has become a popular trend across the globe, not only in Scotland.

But even as companies and office interior design experts seek to streamline the industry through finding solutions that are workable and cost-effective, there are some notable trends bound to influence the new transformation.

So, if you or your company is in the process of either redecorating the old office or moving into a new space, then the following insights by our interior design Glasgow team will give you an idea of the direction your office design needs take going forward.

  1. Smart Furniture

With the majority of current employees being Millennials closely followed by Generation Z, most office designs are now prioritizing accessories that come with in-built tech-enabled options. Top on the list are workstations with ready charging ports for mobile devices mainly because the employees need to stay connected at all times. Office furniture Glasgow can advise you on those workstation solutions. The convenience of charging their devices has become paramount and is now a common sight in most workstations.

Other notable add-ons include wireless connectivity and Bluetooth technology, which allows employees to share screens as well as communicate. Use of new innovations like augmented reality and artificial reality has now completely redefined workspaces. Such innovations are being used to boost employee productivity through enhanced collaboration between teams within the organisation.

  1. Office Transparency

Although introduced a while back, open plan office designs are still ranking high on the list of preferences. This style has however taken a whole new dimension. Interior designers in Glasgow have now become more creative on this front by ditching the traditionally walled partitions in favour of less obvious acoustic space dividers.

What we are now witnessing is the increased use of things like bamboo plants, cabinets, and even the use of soft furnishings in order to create an environment that encourages transparency. This popular option also enhances and instills a culture of collaboration and provides employees with flexible work spaces.

  1. A Green Office

Most employees spend a considerable amount of hours in the office, which entails minimal exposure to nature. Things are now changing with interior designers finding numerous ways of bringing in and incorporating a bit of nature into the overall office design. Exposure to flora has now become an integral part of most office layouts both for aesthetic purposes as well as for improving and complementing indoor climate and environment.

As previously mentioned, plant-based wall dividers are a common sight in most offices in Glasgow as an effective way of bringing nature’s goodness into the workplace. By greening up the office space, employees’ wellbeing and health are greatly enhanced – something that can also help with creativity as well as boost happiness and instill a sense of calmness.

  1. Office Accessibility

Most companies are now increasingly paying particular attention to employees with disabilities. Interior designers have been tasked with ensuring that office layouts are disability-friendly without sacrificing the aesthetics.

Most organisations are investing heavily in technology and accessories that seek to create a suitable and conducive working environment for all employees. Use of real-time translators for employees with hearing impairment now allows them to fully and actively participate in meetings. In terms of office furniture, designers are now recommending desks with adjustable height, smart and adaptive chairs, as well as wheelchair-friendly spaces.

  1. Dedicated Spaces

Modern office designs are drastically changing the way employees interact with their spaces. The overall workplace experience is also slowly becoming unrecognisable as other design dynamics get introduced in order to, among other things, spur creativity. The rise of dedicated spaces is now defining the workplace of today. The idea of providing dedicated spaces within the office environment is to primarily provide employees with a suitable environment to relax and unwind.

Such spaces can include an area where employees can play a game of pool or table tennis, catch up over a glass of their favourite beverage, or use gaming stations. Throwing the home-like comfort into the whole office interior design equation is now effectively being used to break the office monotony and to create employee-friendly work environments.

  1. Textures and Colours

Productivity and creativity are some of the most important factors that contribute to the success of any organisation. Companies have gone to extra lengths to perfect the art of boosting productivity and enhancing creativity among their employees. It has now become clear that interior design decisions also play a critical role in creating an environment where employees can thrive.

Most organisations are now throwing caution out of the window using vibrant colours that are not necessarily part of their corporate identity. Designers and colour experts are help organisations find the perfect mix of shades that evoke certain emotions and moods among employees. By using different colours and textures within the office, companies can significantly improve the workplace experience by keeping things fresh and bright.


These are just some of the notable trends to watch even as the work environment undergoes a major transformation. Office design is a discipline that is constantly evolving. So this is by no means an ended chapter.

Looking to change your office design? Our commercial architect in Glasgow can help you find the perfect mix between comfort and aesthetics!