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5 Ways to Promote an Event Using Social Media

Using the power of social media and online platforms is the ideal way to reach a large audience with your well thought out content and posts. Taking to social media means you have to create eye catching and interesting content so you stand out and don’t blend in with the hundreds and thousands of other creators out there.

We’ve listed 5 effective ways to promote your event using social media tools and apps. Let us know how you promote yours by adding a comment below!

1) Use hashtags

A hashtag is the perfect way to get your post and content out far and wide to followers. An additional benefit of using hashtags is the ability for your post to be discovered by new viewers. They may not be relevant to your post but the more it travels, the more will see it and the bigger the impact you’ll have on the day of your event.

2) Share your content at peaks times

A very important point and an area that can be missed. Each platform will have prime times when most people are active, therefore your post will be seen by more people. Do some research and find the best times to post for that site and your industry for maximum results.

3) Use Photo’s

To promote your event, share some photo’s of your previous stand and what you hope to achieve with this year’s stand. It’s great to advertise what you are doing as a business and the changes they can expect to see when they come and visit your stand on the day of the exhibition.

4) Online Interaction

If your content is gaining likes and comments, you’re lucky and should take full advantage of this. Follow up with likes back, following of pages and also commenting back and building an online rapport with new and potential customers.

Replying to messages will encourage others to reach out and shows a friendly side to your business.

5) Make Stories

It’s all the rage now and it’s vital that you follow the trends and use the tools provided within the multiple social media apps. Creating a story on Instagram allows you to add videos, pictures and polls, all of which help with customer engagement and will pique interest within your content.