3DSCraft Homebrew Game for Nintendo 3DS

Have you heard of a game called Minecraft? If not, then I do not know what Earth you live in. Minecraft is one of the most-played games in the past years. The premise of the game is simple: create your world and dream building by using different elements such as block, ground, or just about anything you can imagine.

Now, the game is currently available for the PC, but did you know that there is an unofficial 3DS version of the game?

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the 3DSCraft Homebrew Game for Nintendo 3DS. This is a homebrew game that was created by a popular programmer called “Smea”.

Now, Smea has played the original Minecraft and he is so obsessed by it. Because of this, he wanted to bring Minecraft’s core features to the Nintendo 3DS which he later named as 3DSCraft.

You can pretty much do the standard Minecraft stuff with the 3DSCraft. You can place blocks, fly around the map, destroy the blocks you’ve put in order to make room for a new set of blocks, and so much more.

Now, since the Nintendo 3DS is now hackable thanks to the help of R4 3DS cards, you can now install the game in your beloved Nintendo 3DS console.

So, how do you install this amazing Minecraft-esque game in your Nintendo 3DS? The first thing you need to do is get yourself an R4 3DS card with a compatible SDHC microSD card.

There are plenty of R4 3DS cards out there on the market and you can pretty much choose which ones you want. If you want to go for the tried and true, then go for Premium cards such as the Gateway3DS or the Sky3DS. If you just want a cheaper option, you can go for the R4i Gold or R4i silver. Seriously, all of the above-mentioned R4 3DS cards should work just fine. Couple that with a microSD card (get a 32GB variant) and you should be good to go.

If you’ve gotten a hold of an R4 3DS card, you need to employ the Ninjhax exploit. For those of you who do not know, Ninjhax is a popular Nintendo 3DS exploit that basically hacks your portable gaming console so you can install homebrew applications.

After you’ve hacked your Nintendo 3DS using Ninjhax, all you have to do is download the official 3DSCraft Homebrew Game for Nintendo 3DS from their website. After downloading the file, just extract the contents and place them in the root folder of your microSD card. Plug the microSD card into your R4 3DS card and place it in your Nintendo 3DS. Fire up your gaming console and that should be it!

As of now, you can do all of the core features of Minecraft with the 3DSCraft Homebrew Game for Nintendo 3DS. If you want to donate to Smea for all of his hard work, you can do so by visiting his official website.

Always remember to get an R4 3DS card before you can do any of the above instructions.