The Pokemon Go Level Grind is Real

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game created by Niantic Studios and published by Nintendo. Since its release, the game has amassed a loyal following. And when I say a loyal following, I mean millions of fans in certain regions in the globe started playing this app and catching Pokemon.

Much like Pokemon games of old, Pokemon Go has a level-based system and each time you capture Pokemon and do some objectives, you will gain necessary experience points.

Once you’ve reached a certain threshold, your character levels up. Now, there are a lot of Pokemon Go addicts that have already reached level 30 and they have a very sad news with regards to the leveling system of the game.

A high-level Pokemon Go trainer that goes by the Reddit name “Riggaros” said his frustrations about the level grind on Reddit.

Riggaros said that the grind is real and that he actually spent an entire week just to reach level 30 from level 29. Not only that but he had to play for more than 6 hours per day, 7 days of that week, to reach level 30.

Now, this is not applicable for most people as some people are busy with their jobs, families, and other things. If leveling your trainer is not your thing, then this will be no problem. But, for the people who do care about the levels, this can be quite alarming.

Riggaros also points out that the game has Rare Pokemons and even if you capture them, there is no difference in EXP; the EXP you get is similar for when you catch a common Pokemon, for example.

After Riggaros posted his Reddit post, a lot of people actually sided with him. Some Reddit user also pointed out and made an elaborate spreadsheet of the EXP points one must obtain in order to reach certain levels. And, when you look at the numbers, it is quite staggering, to say the least.

Riggaros and a slew of other people want Niantic to focus on this issues as this is a major blunder for people who are concerned with leveling up their trainers.

But, to be fair, the game has just been released, and it is not even released in other regions as of the time of writing.

I think that Niantic and Nintendo are working hard to push this game worldwide first before they look at pressing issues such as this.

I am pretty sure that with the success of the game, Niantic Studios will be looking into this. That is because Pokemon Go is very successful and to make it successful for months to come, they have to listen to fan feedback.

As an avid RPG gamer, I understand the frustrations of level grinding. Back in the day, I had nothing to worry about other than school and playing games. But now that I am already a working adult, there are some priorities that need to be done on a given day.

What I mean to say is that my time playing games is only limited nowadays. If you need to level grind just to reach a high level in Pokemon Go (and I mean really level grind, like playing 6+ hours just like what Riggaros did), then this can spell doom for the game.

I hope that Niantic will look into this issue and hopefully they will do something about it in the near future.