Do You Want to Do More with Your DS?

Tired of dealing with limited activity on your DS? You can easily add an R4 card and add hours and hours of entertainment to your Nintendo DS. An reliable R4 card can easily help you to expand the use you get out of your system a great deal.

Nintendo DS systems need an R4 card to really bring out what a Nintendo has to offer. Of course the challenge is finding a reliable R4 card. The list below can help you to safely get more out of your DS.

Choosing a Card

There are a few things you should be considering BEFORE you buy an R4 card:

  1. Reliability
  2. Pricing
  3. Reputation

BEFORE you buy any R4 card you will need to know that you are choosing a reliable card that has a strong reputation for being a card that works well. The right card will be able to work well with tons of games and will really help you to enjoy your homebrews without stops and starts. A reliable card is a card you can count on in all situations not with just a handful of games.

Pricing is a key indicator of whether you are getting a “real” card or a fake one. It sounds hard to believe but there are plenty of fake cards that are being sold online that no matter what you do will not work. They will freeze, cause damage to your system and generally just not work.

If a card is priced too low it is an indicator that the card may not be genuine. You want to pay a fair price for a working card not save money and get a card that will fail you. r4-3dsIt will be frustrating to find that you have wasted money on a card that just does not work.

Reputation is the biggest indication if a card will work or not. If you are considering a card that is not getting great reviews from other gamers than you want to pay attention. People especially gamers will without a doubt let you know when something is not working right. Reviews will give you plenty of information about the right card to buy.

The right card is going to change how you play just pay attention before you decide which card to choose so you are not disappointed.